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Interested in having an affiliate program -- If you would like to have an affiliate program to enable third parties (such as comparison websites, blogs, influencers, social media groups, etc.) to promote your brand, and earn a commission if they have successfully initiated a sale on your own website. You will be able to decide what commission you want to award affiliates to promote your brands and is a great channel for driving online sales and should be considered as part of your marketing strategy. --

Interested in having a managed campaign -- It's common for advertisers to use an agency to manage their affiliate program, and is often referred to as "Outsourced Program Management". The advertiser can lean on the experience of those working closely within the affiliate sector to help drive a campaign. At S.L.I.C.E Digital, you can have a fully managed program or a managed launch and they work not only with their New Zealand network but also with international afiliate networks. --

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Written by Greig Brash