Australian Affiliate Programs - FAQ


QUESTION. What is Affiliate Marketing -- Affiliate marketing is when a third party sends traffic to an advertisers website, in exchange for commission if that traffic results in a sale or an order. When someone clicks through onto an advertiser's website from an affiliate website and makes a purchase, the sale will be recorded by the affiliate network and a commission will then be assigned to the affiliate. --

QUESTION. Who Can Become an Affiliate -- Anyone who has an online audience - whether a blog, a social media page, a product review website and wants to monetise their website on a pay-per-performance basis. --

QUESTION. Which Sectors Can Affiliate Operate In -- Most sectors will have an affiliate presence, although there are a few exceptions in New Zealand (such as gambling). The advantage of joining a network is you can include advertisers from various sectors, for example, if you had a travel blog you could include a car hire advertiser, a foreign exchange advertiser, a travel insurance advertiser, etc. --

QUESTION. Why Become an Affiliate -- The advantage of affiliate marketing is the affiliate website doesn't need to own the product they are promoting and isn't charged for being on an affiliate network, whilst the advertiser has the advantage of only paying a commission on sales they have confirmed. This means affiliate marketing is very performance driven. --

QUESTION. Can I Become an Advertiser -- Yes, if you have an e-commerce website and you would like to utilise affiliate marketing within your marketing mix, then get in touch with a network. In New Zealand, the first network was S.L.I.C.E Digital and we are more than happy to help you get in touch. --

Written by Greig Brash